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Despite the lack of some of the basic infrastructures this Vidyalaya will try to impart quality education and create conducive learning environment. For the childís all round development ,individuals to use education as a lever for the improvement of their condition. The Vidyalaya will work as a basis for the development of the individual and the progress of the society through development of appropriate knowledge, skills, values and attitudes. Education has to provide the strength and resilience to the child to enable them to respond to future challenges. Thus, education is visualized as a unique investment in the present and the future. The main thrust of our programmes for development of human resources, therefore, should be to evolve a planning which is buoyant and dynamic and directed to develop and effectively utilize the irate capabilities of every individual.
  1. To undertake effective classroom teaching.
  2. To organize effectively Co-curricular activities and to provide through them such learning experiences which will develop in the student certain essential skills and build up desirable interests and attitudes.
  3. To prepare, maintain and use pupilís cumulative records.
  4. To prepare and maintain school records and registers.
  5. To evaluate pupilís growth in its various aspects Ė physical, mental, moral and social and to effective communicate the same to pupils and parents.
  6. To identify students who need special attention and work out bays of helping them.

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